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Proposed 2003 Federal Energy Legislation

U. S. Senate Energy  & Resources Committee Website

U. S. House Energy & Commerce Committee Website

The United States Joint House/Senate Energy Conference Committee has released the slimmed down version of S2095, the Senate Energy Bill.  This is the most recent draft Federal energy legislation that must be passed on to the U.S. House by the Senate for a final vote.  

Currently, the tax provisions of this bill have been attached to separate legislation in an attempt to pass those provisions into law.  The authorizing sections of S2095 have also been attached to separate legislation in a similar attempt to pass those provisions into law.

The updated/slimmed down version of S2095 is available for review below, as well as recent press releases by the Senate Energy Committee that better explain current strategies to pass this energy legislation into law.

Kenai Peninsula Borough Positions

The Kenai Peninsula Borough has been actively lobbying for provisions in the proposed Federal Energy Act of 2003 that will benefit the citizens, communities and industries of the Kenai Peninsula Borough.  The Kenai Peninsula Borough Administration has presented its positions to the members of the Alaska Congressional Delegation and the members of the Joint Conference Committee and their staff.  The final draft is undergoing an evaluation by the KPB Administration to reconcile the final draft legislation with the positions of the KPB Administration.  Click on the following link to view the positions of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Administration.

KPB Positions on the Energy Act of 2003 (120KB)

Text of 2004 Federal Energy Legislation

The following are links to this legislation and related press releases from the Senate Energy Committee.

JOBS Bill Passes Senate w/ Pipeline Provisions Press Release 05/11/04 (104KB)
Authorizing Provisions Attached to FSC-ETI Bill Press Release 04/27/04 (98KB)
Tax Provisions Attached to JOBS Bill Press Release 04/05/04 (101KB)
Summary of Changes To S2095 Press Release 02/11/04 (90KB)
S2095 Overview (44KB)
S2095 "Slimmed Down" Senate Energy Bill Full Text (2.14MB)

All reports and documents presented in this website are available via U.S. Mail upon written request to:

Bill Popp, Oil & Gas Liaison

Kenai Peninsula Borough, 43335 Kalifornsky Beach Road, #16, Soldotna, AK 99669

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