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Federal Outer Continental Lease Sales 191 Cancelled

Lease Sale 199 Scheduled for

May, 2006

The U.S. Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service has just announced the cancellation of Lease Sale 191 due to a lack of bids from industry (see press release below).  Officials from the Minerals Management Service will now be reviewing the sale with industry to identify possible reasons for the lack of interest in the sale.  

The next scheduled lease sale for the Lower Cook Inlet Federal waters is still set for May, 2006.  For additional information, please contact the Minerals Management Service at:

Minerals Management Service, Alaska OCS Region, Resource Center

949 E. 36th Ave., Room 330, Anchorage, AK 99508-4363

Toll Free 1-800-764-2627 or 907-271-607

Or Click on the following banner to go directly to the MMS Website:



Copies of the FEIS are also available for viewing in person at various Kenai Peninsula public Libraries in the communities of Homer, Seldovia, Port Graham, Anchor Point, Halibut Cove, City of Homer, City of Kenai, City of Soldotna, Kenai Peninsula College Branches, Nanwalek and Ninilchik.  Click on the following links for detailed information about Lease Sales 191 & 199.

OCS Lease Sale 191 Sale Cancellation Notice 05/18/04 (23KB)
OCS Lease Sale 191 Notice of Sale 05/19/04 (382KB)
OCS Lease Sale 191 Lease Stipulations (114KB)
OCS Lease Sale 191 Royalty Suspension Provisions (46KB)
OCS Lease Sale 191 Blocks Available (36KB)
OCS Proposed Notice of Sale (123KB)
Federal Register Notice & Supporting Info (632KB)
OCS Royalty Suspension Provisions (280KB)
OCS Lease Stipulations & Information (922KB)
OCS Lease Sale 191 & 199 Area Map
OCS Lease Sale FEIS Introduction & Vol. 1 through 3 (62,781KB Total)
Minerals Management Service Public Presentation 4/04/03  (1,879KB)
Minerals Management Service Website

Cook Inlet Platforms

Kenai Peninsula Borough Positions

The Kenai Peninsula Borough supports Lease Sale 191 & 199 as important to the future of the economies of the Cook Inlet Basin and Alaska.  70% of Alaskans rely on Cook Inlet natural gas to heat and light their homes and businesses.  With proven reserves of Cook Inlet natural gas estimated to last 10 to 12 years, new reserves must be developed to prevent critical shortages of this important energy source.

The support of the Kenai Peninsula Borough is qualified to advocate for the withdrawal of 300,000 acres of the original 2.5 million acres proposed.  The Final Environmental Impact Statement offers a preferred plan that incorporates these withdrawals.  

Another qualifier to the Kenai Peninsula Borough's support is that the Federal government must incorporate into its lease and development plans and permits the five provisions of the Tri-Boroughs Position Paper.

You can view the Kenai Peninsula Borough's positions on the proposed OCS lease sales by clicking the links below.

Updated 02/09/04

Tri-Boroughs Position Paper (79KB)
Kenai Peninsula Borough Resolution 2003-016 (69KB)
Kenai Peninsula Borough Resolution 2001-127 (59KB)
KPB Coastal Zone Management Comment Letter 01/19/04 (462KB)
Kenai Peninsula Planning Commission Meeting 01/27/03 (176KB)

State of Alaska

Updated 02/09/04

Governor Murkowski's Letter of Support 02/03/04 (114KB)
State of Alaska Coastal Zone Determination Letter 01/29/04 (381KB)

Other Organization Positions 

City of Homer Resolution 03-17 (82KB)
Homer Chamber of Commerce 02/17/02 (71KB)
United Cook Inlet Drift Association 02/03 (114KB)
Cook Inlet Fisherman's Fund 01/31/03 (331KB)
City of Soldotna Resolution 2003-13 (135KB)
Soldotna Chamber of Commerce Resolution 2003-01 (74KB)
Kenai Chamber of Commerce Resolution 2003-02 (143KB)
City of Kenai Resolution 2003-06 (73KB)

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